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Professional Wildlife Control. Critter Catchers catches marmots, rabbits, skunks, and many other small critters. We are easy to contact and can assist you with removing unwanted wildlife from your property. Service in: Kelowna, Vernon BC, Lake Country BC, Armstong, Coldstream, Lumby, Cherryville BC, and all surrounding areas. Small Animal Control Vernon BC

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Professional Wildlife Control  “Call us immediately if you’re having trouble with an unwanted critter, or email us and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. Are you searching for a service that humanely catches or traps wildlife on your property? This is what we at Critter Catchers have been doing for a long time, from the Kelowna area all the way up to the Salmon Arm areas and the Hwy 6 area.”

Small Animal Control Vernon BC

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Common Critters found in the okanagan area | Small Animal Control Vernon BC

Protecting you From Unwanted Wildlife- Professional Wildlife Control

“Safe and humane small animal catchers. Professional wildlife Control service. We love all animals, so we take great care to help them relocate from your property safely.”

We adhere by International Humane Trapping Standards.

Professional Wildlife Control


We are a team of skilled Skunk Catchers in the Okanagan, ready to help with any Skunk related concerns. 

small animal catching service


We utilize safe and humane techniques to capture squirrels.

Professional Wildlife Control


Although uncommon, muskrats can be found. Call us if you need help relocating them on your property.

Professional Wildlife Control


“We offer safe raccoon removal. Contact us by phone or email for expert assistance and advice. Thank you for choosing us!”

Professional Wildlife Control


“We safely and professionally trap marmots. Trust Critter Catchers.”

Professional Wildlife Control


Porcupines are found throughout all of the mainland in British Columbia. We relocate porcupines. 

Professional Wildlife Control


There are several species of rats that make the Okanagan their home. We can safely relocate them.

Rabbit catcher Kelowna BC


Rabbits are cute, but they multiply quickly. Contact us for fast, safe, and humane removal of unwanted rabbits.

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Bobcats are found throughout the Okanagan. We safely trap and relocate bobcats.

beaver trapper coldstream bc


Beavers can cause real trouble if left to populate on your property. We specialize in safely trapping beavers.

Professional Wildlife Control


Coyotes are prevalent in the Okanagan. We are able to humanely deal with coyotes in accordance with the laws that govern this service.

Professional Wildlife Control

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Professional Wildlife Control. We are the experts in Unwanted Wildlife Catching

Professional Wildlife Control

“Serving the Okanagan since 2016, we are based in Cherryville, BC, and offer our services to Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Coldstream, Lavington, Lumby, and Cherryville.”

If you are having any issues with bears, wolves, or cougars please call: Conservation services Rapp line 1-877-952-7277

Keep your properties safe from damaging wildlife.

“Although cute, some wildlife can cause a lot of damage. It’s important to safely catch and relocate any unwanted critters as soon as possible. You don’t want them reproducing and creating more destruction on your property. We care for all critters safely and humanely.”

Small Animal Control Vernon BC