Professional skunk Control

Critter Catchers is a professional and experienced skunk trapping and catching service in Okanagan. We prioritize the well-being of animals and use safe and humane methods for trapping and relocating skunks.

Damage Skunks can do around your property

Skunks can cause a range of damage to properties. They are notorious for digging up lawns and gardens in search of food, especially grub worms and insects.

This can result in unsightly and expensive lawn damage. They can also cause structural damage to buildings, decks, and sheds by digging underneath and causing instability. Skunks can also cause damage to trees and shrubs by stripping bark or chewing on branches. Additionally, they can create a foul odor if they feel threatened or are startled, which can linger for days and be difficult to eliminate. This odor can also attract other unwanted animals to the property.

Skunks may also carry diseases such as rabies, which can pose a risk to humans and pets.

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We solve wildlife problems in three steps: evaluate, plan, and get the job done. Call us and get a humane solution today!

Critter Catchers gets the job done!


Thorough Evaluation

First step is to arrange an on-sight inspection in order to properly evaluate the extent of your wildlife issue.


Meticulous Plan

2nd step is meticulous planning to ensure the effective and humane care of all wildlife while minimizing any disturbance to your property.


Get the Job Done

With a thorough evaluation and a plan in place, you can expect Critter Catchers to get the job done. We are the experts.