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Critter Catchers is a professional and experienced muskrat trapping and catching service in Okanagan. We prioritize the well-being of animals and use safe and humane methods for trapping and relocating muskrats.

Damage Muskrats can do around your property

Muskrats, while generally considered fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, can cause certain issues around properties in British Columbia, Canada. Here are some common concerns related to muskrat activity:

  1. Burrowing and Bank Erosion: Muskrats are skilled burrowers and often dig burrows into the banks of water bodies, including ponds and ditches. These burrows can lead to soil erosion and destabilization of the banks, potentially causing property damage.

  2. Dam Construction: Muskrats are known for building small dams in waterways using vegetation and mud. While these structures are natural behaviors, they can sometimes interfere with drainage systems, irrigation, or cause localized flooding in certain areas.

  3. Vegetation Damage: Muskrats feed on aquatic vegetation, and their grazing can impact the growth of plants in and around water bodies. This can be of concern in areas where specific vegetation is important for erosion control or maintaining ecological balance.

  4. Garden and Crop Damage: In some cases, muskrats may venture into gardens or agricultural areas, causing damage to crops and vegetation. This can be problematic for farmers and gardeners.

  5. Infrastructure Damage: Muskrats may gnaw on wooden structures, pipes, and other materials, causing damage to infrastructure. Their gnawing behavior is a way of maintaining their teeth but can pose problems when directed towards human-made structures.

To manage muskrat-related concerns, property owners in British Columbia may consider implementing the following measures:

  • Protective Barriers: Install protective barriers around vulnerable vegetation and structures to deter muskrats from causing damage.

  • Habitat Modification: Modify the habitat around water bodies to make it less attractive to muskrats. This may include removing excess vegetation or providing alternative food sources.

  • Professional Assistance: If muskrat activity becomes problematic, seeking advice from local wildlife authorities or professional pest control services can help implement effective and humane solutions while adhering to regional regulations.

It’s important to note that muskrats play a crucial role in aquatic ecosystems, and interventions should be balanced to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Additionally, consulting your local  experts such as “Critter Catchers” or local authorities is advisable to ensure compliance with regulations governing wildlife management in British Columbia.

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