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Critter Catchers is a professional and experienced beaver trapping and catching service in Okanagan. We prioritize the well-being of animals and use safe and humane methods for trapping and relocating beavers.

Damage beavers can do around your property

Beavers, while fascinating creatures with a significant ecological role, can sometimes cause challenges for property owners in the Okanagan  British Columbia, Canada area. Here are some common problems associated with beavers:

  1. Dam Construction: Beavers are known for building dams across water bodies, which can lead to flooding of nearby areas. While these dams play a crucial role in creating wetland habitats, they can cause issues for property owners by altering water levels and flow patterns.
  2. Tree Damage: Beavers have strong teeth and use them to gnaw on trees for building their dams and lodges. This behavior can lead to the destruction of valuable trees on your property, affecting both aesthetics and ecology.
  3. Flooding and Erosion: Beaver dams can cause localized flooding, leading to soil erosion along riverbanks and shorelines. This erosion can impact the stability of the land and may pose a threat to infrastructure.
  4. Culvert Blockages: Beavers may build dams in and around culverts, causing blockages and disrupting drainage systems. This can lead to increased flooding of roads and adjacent areas.
  5. Burrowing and Bank Damage: Beavers may create burrows into banks, weakening soil structures and potentially causing bank collapse. This can be problematic for properties near water bodies.
  6. Vegetation Impact: Beavers feed on aquatic vegetation, and their foraging can affect the balance of plant life in ponds and wetlands. This may lead to changes in habitat structure and impact the overall biodiversity of an area.

Property owners facing issues with beavers should consider the following approaches:

  • Protective Fencing: Install protective fencing around valuable trees to prevent beaver damage.
  • Flow Devices: Consider the installation of flow devices in beaver dams to regulate water levels and reduce flooding while preserving the beavers’ habitat.
  • Professional Assistance: If beaver activity becomes problematic, seeking advice from local wildlife authorities or professional wildlife control services can help implement effective and humane solutions while adhering to regional regulations.

It’s important to address beaver-related challenges in a manner that balances human concerns with the ecological importance of beavers and their habitats. Consulting with local authorities and professionals such as “Critter Catchers” can provide valuable guidance on managing beaver-related issues in compliance with regional regulations.

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