Professional Raccoon Control

Critter Catchers is a professional and experienced raccoon trapping and catching service in Okanagan. We prioritize the well-being of animals and use safe and humane methods for trapping and relocating raccoons.

Damage Raccoons can do around your property

Raccoons can cause various forms of damage around homes. Here are a few things they are commonly known to do:

1. Rummage through garbage cans or compost piles, leaving scattered trash and debris around the area.
2. Tear apart shingles, wooden beams, and insulation materials, causing damage to roofs, attics, and crawl spaces.
3. Dig holes in lawns and gardens while searching for insects, worms, or other food items.
4. Scratch and claw at surfaces, leaving behind visible marks and damage.
5. Damage outdoor structures such as sheds, decks, and playsets with their sharp teeth and claws.
6. Contaminate food and water supplies with their feces, urine, or germs, potentially causing health hazards.
7. Cause electrical issues by gnawing at wires, which can lead to short circuits, fires, or power outages.

It’s important to take measures to prevent raccoons from accessing your property and causing damage by securing trash cans, repairing cracks or holes in walls, and keeping food and water sources out of reach.

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Thorough Evaluation

First step is to arrange an on-sight inspection in order to properly evaluate the extent of your wildlife issue.


Meticulous Plan

2nd step is meticulous planning to ensure the effective and humane care of all wildlife while minimizing any disturbance to your property.


Get the Job Done

With a thorough evaluation and a plan in place, you can expect Critter Catchers to get the job done. We are the experts.